Dig Into You

Dig into me, and I’ll dig into you,
Open a crack, and I’ll push through.
Volatility, instability — poor, poor you.




*Disclaimer: this is not a political poem, it’s a humanity poem. I speak only of the emotions I feel myself. 

If you can’t understand
Why the presence of this man
At the head of a country,
Would force me to worry
You never will.

Lucky for you, you’ve never been raped,
But all of our voices are suddenly draped

It’s over.

And if you don’t know why
I would cry
At the election of a sexist,
Then you’re not going to get this.

But I am a woman.
And I am a survivor.
And I will tell every female I love her.

And I will love myself.
And I will dream of peace,
In hopes that hurt will someday cease.